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Viewers actually stayed to watch all three hours of Raw this week

Viewership for this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw was up to 2.82 million viewers, an improvement from last week’s 2.78 million. That’s good, of course, but there was even better news for WWE.

Those who tuned in early actually stuck around for the entire show.

The hourly breakdown looked like this:

Hour one: 2.84 million
Hour two: 2.87 million
Hour three: 2.75 million

That’s something of a surprise, considering the drop off from hour one to three has typically been a big one. Whether it’s Daylight Saving Time, WrestleMania season, some combination of both, or something else, WWE has to be happy with these numbers.

Get complete results and the live blog from Raw here, a recap of all the night’s action here, and a full playlist with all the highlights of the show here.

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