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WWE Fastlane 2019 results: Daniel Bryan is still champion after a bonkers triple threat

Remember when Vince McMahon messed with Kofi Kingston by faking him out and making him think he was in the WWE championship match tonight (Sun., Mar. 10, 2019) at Fastlane in Cleveland against both Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens? They continued the slow burn insult by announcing just before the title match that there would indeed be a triple threat but instead Mustafa Ali would take that third spot.

I’m not entirely sure how that helps Ali, considering fans so badly want Kingston in that spot, but it’s what they did.

The match was absolutely bonkers, with both Owens and Ali at various points doing things that looked like they were sure to end in death but narrowly avoided doing so. While the crowd was obviously upset that Kingston wasn’t in the match, these three are so talented they got them back with their hard work in the match itself.

That included the finish, which was absolutely insane — Bryan hit the flying knee on Ali as he was going for a moonsault. That was enough to get the pin and keep the title with the champion.

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