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WWE Fastlane 2019 results: Shane McMahon turns on The Miz after losing tag title match

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WWE opened tonight’s (Sun., Mar. 10, 2019) Fastlane pay-per-view (PPV) at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, with The Miz, alongside Shane McMahon, attempting to make his dad proud by winning the SmackDown tag team titles from The Usos. Papa Miz even met with his son backstage, on camera, and Shane O’Mac said they would do what they could to bring the straps back in the Miz family’s hometown.

So Papa Miz hit front row to watch for himself.

He was ultimately disappointed.

The story of the match was as simple as it was effective: The Usos, an actual team who have had success for years fighting alongside each other, spent a lot of time showing that off on McMahon, who spent that time trying his best to get Miz into the match. It was a fantastic build to a hot tag that got a big pop when it finally happened.

The action broke down at one point and Miz appeared to have the titles won but the referee was distracted with McMahon at the time, so he only got a near fall.

Not long after, this happened:

The crowd got behind Miz with “Let’s go, Miz” chants. He took the motivation and went to the top rope for a splash but Jey got his knees up and then rolled into a pin. The Usos retained the titles off that.

After Miz went and hugged his father, all while apologizing to Shane, McMahon turned on him by clotheslining him in the back and putting the boots to him. Then, to really drive it home, he got in the old man’s face and grabbed him up.

Shane was actually stiff here, and the beating looked great. The crowd responded by booing just as loud as their lungs would allow.

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