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Sounds like Bruce Prichard’s role in WWE Creative is still being determined

The initial reports on Bruce Prichard’s return to working backstage at WWE were that he would be Vince McMahon’s top lieutenant and have a leadership role on the creative team. You could find people online saying they already saw Prichard’s fingerprints all over recent segments on Raw and SmackDown.

Not so fast.

Over at Wrestling Observer, Dave Meltzer notes that Prichard’s role “has been a bit overstated”. At this point, he’s a consultant and not on the writing team.

The man himself also addressed this on the latest edition of his Something To Wrestle podcast, which everyone agrees will continue. Here’s what Prichard had to say:

“I’m extremely proud and extremely happy to be back in the family at WWE. I had my first TVs back this past week. I had an absolute blast seeing everybody. I’m not being coy, but a lot still needs to be worked out as far as what my role will be. I’m going to come back and help out wherever I can be most valuable. We’re working through it, we’re figuring out where I might fit best and how and what and why and everything else. It’s something that happened pretty quickly with me going to TV. A lot has changed in 10 years. I have to see where I fit in and they have to see where I fit in. There’s still a lot of questions to be answered, and I’m looking forward to an incredible journey.”

Co-host Conrad Thompson also confirmed that despite returning to the WWE fold, Prichard is still set to appear with him at the AEW-adjacent Starrcast II in Las Vegas this May.

The make-up of the creative team is a hot topic these days, so more rumors and reports will probably follow. For now, it looks like reports of a Prichard takeover were a little premature.

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