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Booking Undertaker for your event will not be cheap

Undertaker Axxess

Folks noticed earlier this week that there weren’t references to WWE on Undertaker’s social media, and that there was information about how to inquire about booking him for appearances.

Since then, it’s been debated whether this is even a new development. People who would know better than us randos on the interweb, such as Sean “X-Pac” Waltman who said it’s almost certainly not a sign Taker’s looking to sign with or wrestle for another company (on his X-Pac 1 -2-360 show, Waltman compared it to how Shawn Michaels handled appearances before agreeing to take a full-time position at the Performance Center), aren’t alarmed.

So let’s move on to... holy cow, it would not be cheap to book the Dead Man for your bachelor party or kid’s birthday!

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, someone who reached out about scheduling Taker was told he’s charging $25,000 per hour for appearance in the United States.

That’s a little rich for my blood. Anybody have Virgil’s number handy?

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