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Actually, Nia Jax doesn’t want all of your hate after all

After her big nights at Royal Rumble and the subsequent Raw last week, a Jerry Lawler-fueled rumor went around saying that Nia Jax’s intergender wrestling adventures continued backstage in Phoenix. Jax was a little too rough or careless when attacking R-Truth to take his spot in the men’s Rumble, according to the story, and Truth was so upset by it he had to restrained while confronting her about it.

Initially, Nia embraced the attention the rumor generated for her. But for some reason, a couple days later she opted to provide some photographic evidence to dispel the reports:

This is a good way to troll the rumormongers (including Lawler), but it doesn’t do much for kayfabe or whatever fan anger toward her character the attack on Truth and follow-up stories of “legit heat” generated. That’s life in the Reality Era, though, where every wrestler on social media is a blend of their gimmick and some version of themselves, and half the content on WWE Network is a behind-the-scenes show that probably gives Jim Cornette heartburn.

Personally, I’m much more confused about the hashtags. Is Nia using “BTS” as “be there soon”? Because she and Truth share a love of the K-Pop boy band? [UPDATE: As DrFunk1987 and other Cagesiders who are less dense than me point out, it obviously means “behind the scenes”. I’m still holding out hope Jax & Killings are V stans, though]

Anyway, the two of them are totally cool, so you’ll have to come up with another reason to be mad at Jax. I’m sure something will come up soon... and if nothing else, you can hate her for breaking kayfabe.

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