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Man would be happy if friend worked for same company

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski may decide to retire from the NFL at the end of this season, which is literally later this evening when the Patriots play the LA Rams in the Super Bowl. He’s been flirting with the idea for years, as the sport has taken one hell of a toll on his body, and he’s financially set. He’s also got options outside of football.

Like professional wrestling.

He’s gotten involved with WWE before and Triple H recently said the door is open if he wants to walk through it. He’s also great friends with Mojo Rawley, who, of course, currently works for WWE.

Naturally, TMZ caught up with Rawley and you can see in the video above the quality of the questions they decided to ask him, such as if Mojo would be happy about Gronk coming to WWE.

”If he came to join me in the WWE would I be happy? Yes, I would be very happy. I would be very ecstatic. That would be awesome. But he’s gotta do what’s best for him, and right now what’s best for him is winning the Super Bowl on Sunday and the Patriots are gonna handle that.”

It got a little better when they asked if Mojo thinks Gronk would be a star:

”Hey, man, you gotta... I mean, if you’re in the WWE you’re a superstar. It’s not easy to get in. But would he be awesome? I think it would be a good fit for him, yes, for sure.”

So a man would be happy if his friend worked for the same company and he thinks his friend would be good at it.

Got it.

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