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Real names & going off script are now part of the Becky Lynch-Ronda Rousey beef

It felt like the online trash talk between Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey was this close to jumping the shark.

Then physical violence was threatened and the feud is 100% back on and in good favor.

It was only two days ago, when our own Sean Rueter applauded WWE for taking their foot off the gas bit on Becky/Ronda/Charlotte WrestleMania story this week. With so many hours of WWE programming to fill until Sun., April 7, he was right in pointing out that the possible main event feud for WrestleMania 35 needed a moment to breathe.

Well that was on TV.

In world of pro wrestling Twitter, Lynch and Rousey are a 100 mph collision course with neither woman even thinking about tapping their brakes.

The latest verbal dust-up between The Man and Rowdy began yesterday (Feb. 27) morning when Rousey commented on how fake Lynch’s mugshot photos looked.

Bringing up the ‘f’ word in pro wrestling may be in questionable taste and Becky responded to Ronda’s words today (Feb. 28) with a meme. Not to be out done, the Raw women’s champion double downed on what is or isn’t real in pro wrestling, while questioning The Man’s armbar technique.

At this point, if any pro wrestling fans wanted to roll their eyes and walk away from their screens (and this feud) who could really blame them. The Twitter/Instagram flame wars between Lynch and Rousey have now been going on for several months, and depending on your tastes may be at its breaking point.

The final chapter, before the next final chapter comes in a few hours, involved Lynch bringing in Rousey’s husband into the smack talk. Rousey responded by calling The Man by her real name, threatening to go off script, and “beating the living $*#! out of you the next time I see you”.

Well then.

Fans of Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey will both chalk up another ‘W’ to their side of the ledger. By WWE standards, both Lynch and Rousey are drawing way outside the lines here.

Work or shoot? Did either Lynch or Rousey go too far in their latest round of trash talk?

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