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Undertaker cries during a new interview, doesn’t sound like he’s done wrestling

The Undertaker is back and he’s gone full Mark Callaway.

A few months after his first ‘out of character’ interview with Ed Young of Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas, Callaway returned recently to give a full half hour interview with the Pastor.

The entire interview is fascinating and it often times feels like Taker is just chatting in his living room with one of his good buddies. Watching Undertaker crack jokes and hit one-liners on himself will never not be interesting.

At one point Callaway tears up, composes himself and says he’s worried he almost lost his whole character.

Callaway is funny, tells some amazing behind the scenes stories, gets very emotional when he talks about his personal life, and it sounds like he still wants to wrestle.

When talking about his busier than normal schedule in 2018, Taker sounds enthusiastic about wrestling in 2019 but at a different pace.

“It’s a crazy deal. I get there (Saudi Arabia) on Friday. I wrestle on Saturday. Went right from the stadium to the airport. Caught a charter plane to Madrid and then caught a commercial flight from Madrid back to Atlanta then Atlanta back to Austin. So again, more time in the air then I was in the country. That was last year, hopefully this year I’m a little smarter with what I do because those weren’t really fun.”

From Undertaker’s point of view, it feels like he wants to wrestle this year. Does WWE feel the same way?

Just two months into the year, The Deadman has been making more headlines than usual. News broke that Taker would be taking on more non-WWE public appearances in 2019. Then The Phenom was booked as one of the main attractions for Starrcast II, a pro wrestling convention set for the same weekend in Las Vegas as All Elite Wrestling’s Double or Nothing event.

Taker was also spotted in a promo video for rapper Bad Bunny, but who even really keeps tracks of those kind of things?

As fan and in an ideal world, how would you book The Undertaker’s schedule for 2019?

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