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Did Becky Lynch really go to jail in Atlanta? An investigation

Just as so many pro wrestlers have in the past, Becky Lynch defied the kayfabe powers-that-be on Monday night (Feb. 25) and came to Raw looking to cause a ruckus.

She succeeded, rocking a (definitively this time) Kill Bill-inspired tracksuit on her quest to right the wrong committed by Vince McMahon when he suspended her for 60 days and took her out of the WrestleMania 35 main event. After she hit Natalya with her crutch and officials kept her from getting to Ronda Rousey, she was led off with her hands behind her back.

Triple H told us she’d been arrested! Lynch not only tweeted out (admittedly very fake looking) mug shots, she even says she paid her own bail!

That bit also allowed a fan to set her up for a clever “who’s your daddy?” joke about her likely ‘Mania opponents:

Ronnie has responded - in record time - to The Man’s original tweet. And it’s a very good response! It cements Rousey’s “fighting champ” credentials and clearly illustrates the conflict between the two babyface characters: they have the same goal (a WrestleMania main event singles match where they can decisively prove who deserves to be the champ), but different experiences with the WWE system, and therefore different strategies for achieving that goal.

More importantly, wannabe “ginger crutch ninja” is a great shot.

But Rowdy also blows up kayfabe by pointing out how fake Lynch’s “mug shots” were:

Not a big deal - we all know its fiction and the overall comeback is one of Ronda’s best. But she can blast Becky even more and accomplish everything the tweet does by closing with something like “posting your mug shots for likes isn’t helping”.

Ah well. Still enjoying the story a lot - even as a threeway, because Charlotte is a great heel.

But let’s avoid the “f” word, Ronnie.