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Not sure what the ‘announcement’ was, but it was great to see Roman Reigns on GMA

WWE wasn’t the only company teasing news about Roman Reigns and his battle with leukemia as a ratings grabber. ABC’s Good Morning America was touting their Tues., Feb. 26 sitdown with The Big Dog as “an announcement you can’t miss”.

If you watched Reigns lead off the Feb. 25 Raw by declaring his cancer is again in remission and he’s immediately returning to duty with WWE, well, you already didn’t miss it! Because Roman didn’t really have any other news to drop.

But it’s still great to see him, chatting with fellow cancer survivor Robin Roberts, looking healthy and happy. He talked about being lifted up by the fans (especially the children at the Children’s Medical Center Dallas who sent him this video to encourage him early in his treatment). Reigns also discussed his goal of inspiring people with his work, and made reference to some plans to for something even more concrete:

“I have a huge platform with WWE, we’re a global brand, we’re all over the world - so I think every night I’m able to step in that ring, it’s a symbol of hope, a symbol of awareness. You know, we’re not just gonna talk about it, we’re in the process of creating, you know, funds and foundations to help. So we want to make people aware, but we also want to roll our sleeves up and get our hands dirty and make some moves.”

Check out a couple clips of the face of WWE already back out representing the company only hours after his return:

Welcome back, Romey.

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