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Is Lana trying to get fired?

We’ve scoffed at other reports that Superstars were doing wild things to get out of their deals, but...

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To be 100% clear, I have no inside information that CJ “Lana” Perry, her husband Miroslav “Rusev” Barnyashev or anyone else on the WWE roster is unhappy with their current contract and/or doing anything in an attempt to secure their release from said contract.

Just saying that given the current climate of lots of talent allegedly wondering if the grass is greener on the other side of Vince McMahon’s fence, a couple weekend news items centering on the Ravishing Russian made me wonder if free agency might not be on her mind.

First was the latest edition of her new YouTube series “I’m #SALTY”, which featured new complaints about a familiar Lana target, Raw Women’s champion Ronda Rousey:

“You want to know what has added all the icing on the cake to my saltiness? The fact that I have read on the internet, rumor has it that Ronda Rousey is possibly taking my spot on Total Divas. Are you kidding me? I mean I understand - let’s just take a moment and [clappin] Ronda Rousey, Baddest Woman on the Planet. Everyone, clap for you. Clap for Ronda Rousey. Joy, clap with me! Let’s clap for Ronda Rousey. Baddest Woman on the planet. You’ve shattered every glass ceiling, you sell out every single PPV, apparently, we’ve gotten this FOX deal because of Ronda Rousey! Whoa. Didn’t know that, but I guess that’s what it is. You’re the Baddest Woman on the Planet... Congratulations, you came in third place in the Olympics. You got a gold – a bronze medal. So technically, you’re really not the best, and you’re definitely not number one. But anyways, now you’re a reality star? I thought all you did was dis reality stars? Dis the Bellas, and now you’re taking my spot on Total Divas! Yes, I’m salty! Very, very salty!

... I’m so furious. You know, I’m so proud of you, Ronda, for freaking being the Baddest Woman on the Planet, but let me tell you, you’re no reality star. And guess the one thing you will never ever, ever, ever be is as entertaining as me. You’re little small little pinky will never compare to the way I can entertain. I literally yet have been entertained by you on Raw. Every time you grab that mic I [mocks falling asleep and snoring]. Thank god you can fight because god knows that you cannot talk! God knows that your YouTube channel is the boringest thing that I’ve seen in my entire literally life existence! … You know what? And not only that. Not only are you not entertaining, you will never be ravishing ever! Ever, ever, ever, ever! You will never compare to be as ravishing as I am. No wonder I’m not liked by the E! demographic. No wonder!”

The bit about “ravishing”-ness at the entire signals it’s at least partially a work. And insofar as the goal is to get attention she’s not getting on WWE television, it’s a success. Lana gets publicity aiming at the big target that is Rousey. But it doesn’t qualify as the kind of work the brass would be pleased with, because I don’t think they have any plans for a Lana vs. Ronda feud.

Then there’s this, where she’s selling used clothing - including items worn on television for WWE - online.

It’s a pretty common practice, especially for women on the indies. But her bosses may not approve, both because there are non-PG connotations, and since it could devalue their own sales of collectible memorabilia.

Mr. and Mrs. Rusev are advertised for SmackDown this week, and it’s entirely possible all of her recent internet business is completely company-sanctioned. But we’ve seen “heat” rumors for a lot less, and all of these types of things are a lot more interesting with competition for talent heating up in 2019.

Hopefully WWE won’t get #SALTY. Unless Lana wants them to, I guess.

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