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WWE announces three (two expected, one less expected) talent releases

Hideo Itami did the honors at Royal Rumble and on 205 Live, then got a touching farewell from the cruiserweight roster after word hit he’d requested his release, so we kind of knew KENTA’s was coming.

Similarly, Tye Dillinger tweeted out a statement about asking to be set free and got a lot of public support from this fellow independent contractors in WWE, so we figured it was just a matter of time before Ronnie Arneill officially hit the open market.

Last I’d heard, though, TJP’s unhappiness was just a gimmick. But with Theodore Perkins now released by WWE, who knows.

Here’s the company’s brief statements on all three:

Since WWE didn’t offer it, we’ll wish them well in their future endeavors. And keep you posted with any news about their exits, or possible next landing spots.

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