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Charlotte Flair, Andrade comment on rumored romance

The best thing about this entire story is that it was born out of the Cageside Seats comment section.

It’s never a slow news day in the world of pro wrestling, but one rumor in particular caught fire yesterday (Feb. 20). Apparently Charlotte Flair and Andrade are dating.

Besides fantasy booking future storylines, the one thing pro wrestling fans love to do most is play matchmaker with their favorite superstars.

This potential power couple caught us off guard, but we are now fully behind a possible Queen and El Idolo union.

Yes, that’s a comment direct from cSs’ own The Daily: The Shield?

So we have Flair’s take on the rumors, but what Andrade?


Best of luck to the happy couple.

Not to get ahead of ourselves, but let’s get ahead of ourselves, just think about the third generation pro wrestling babies Flair and Andrade could have? TranquWoooooooolo for life.

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