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Lots of WWE stars, and one AEW one, react to Tye Dillinger asking for his release

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As you probably heard, Tye Dillinger (real name Ronnie Arneill) publicly announced he’d requested his release from WWE at midnight. There haven’t been reports on the company’s response, but if Arneill’s Twitter confirmation he’d asked for permission to be let out of his contract wasn’t indication enough WWE planned to grant his request, the outpouring of supportive reactions from other WWE Superstars might.

They certainly indicate Arneill was well thought of by many backstage:

What’s next for the Perfect Ten? Well, WWE Superstars aren’t the only ones reacting...

As you can tell by All Elite Wrestling Executive Vice-President Cody Rhodes’ tweet, he and Arneill are friends from their time in WWE. If WWE releases the NXT & SmackDown Superstar from his contract and holds him to a standard 90 day non-compete, he’d be free to work elsewhere just in time for May 25’s Double Or Nothing pay-per-view (PPV).

Interesting times...