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Nia Jax feeds on your hate

Prior to Nov. 13, 2018, most wrestling fans were fairly Nia Jax agnostic. Sure, some felt she was being unfairly pushed due to family connections, her modeling career or for public relations reasons, but it largely translated into an apathetic reaction from the WWE Universe.

That changed a couple weeks before Survivor Series, when a Jax punch put Becky Lynch on the disabled list. It produced one of the most iconic moments/images in recent memory, but it also took Lynch out of her pay-per-view (PPV) match with Ronda Rousey and was a downright dangerous mistake on Nia’s part.

Perhaps it’s because Becky recovered and is now set to face Ronda on an even bigger stage, or maybe it’s because WWE shoved the #Facebreaker stuff down our throats around Survivor Series. Maybe fans just don’t care about Nia Jax as a sports entertainer.

There’s one place where Jax is a draw, however - she’s a staple of wrestling gossip columns and rumors. Whether it’s armchair critics and fellow members of the roster criticizing her ringwork, or speculation about the status of her backstage friendships, Nia can grab a headline. And when a new round of rumors came out of her surprise entry into the men’s Royal Rumble last Sunday (Jan. 27), Jax again became a hot topic on Twitter and in the dirt sheets.

The story, as told by Jerry Lawler on his podcast and picked up by Cageside and other sites from there, is that Jax was rough/sloppy with the attack on R-Truth which she launched to grab a spot in the men’s Rumble match. Truth was angry about it, and according to the story, had to be restrained from confronting her about it. Said Lawler, “And this got real heat for real. She blasted poor R-Truth and knocked him face-first into that wall. He was hot, for real hot. They were having to hold him back there. She made it look good.”

Even The King’s quote follows the usual rules of engagement on this. Was Nia working recklessly, or making it look good?

One thing’s for sure. The debate keep’s Jax’s name on people’s lips, and she loves that:

As several folks on Twitter point out, Truth won the United States title and successfully defended it two days at his Rumble beatdown. So he seems to be okay. And Nia is getting some press she may not have been getting anyway, since most of the debate about her Rumble appearance has focused on whether or not WWE should feature intergender wrestling and not on her specifically.

Seems like a win/win. And explains why the polar vortex isn’t the only reason she’s willing to take all of the heat.

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