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Cup of coffee in the big time: Ranking the best and worst of Elimination Chamber

Elimination Chamber was good, y’all!

Not long ago I was writing about how there was very little hype for the show and it felt like a lot of building needed to happen. Kofi Kingston did a lot of the heavy lifting to get the excitement level up (for me, at least) with his amazing performance on SmackDown Live, but I was still unsure of the card heading in.

Despite any doubts, it delivered.

I’m in a list kind of mood today. And let’s start with the bad.

A ranking of the worst things from Elimination Chamber 2019:

  1. Why do Ruby Riott like that? I get that Riott wasn’t going to win. I understand she was a stay-busy opponent for Ronda Rousey. But Riott is too good and too valuable to be getting more or less squashed. If only they’d have Becky get involved before the match was over to have prevented it.
  2. What was the point of Lacey Evans? I often ask “what is the point of Lacey Evans?” But last night? Just showing her randomly walk out for 3 seconds and that was it? That was just weird. That’s it. That’s my full list of things I didn’t like from the show. Oh my god, no it isn’t.
  3. Baron Corbin vs. Braun Strowman happened - I legitimately forgot about this and had to circle back. I guess it’s not #1 since I forgot it happened. But what a waste of time this feud has become. I guess when you build up Strowman as a monster with superhero level strength you have to work extra hard to make him sympathetic. But enough of this and definitely enough of the Corbin/McIntyre/Lashley team-up.

A ranking of the best things from Elimination Chamber 2019:

  1. An Elimination Chamber for the ages - Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston stole the show in the Elimination Chamber, but it was a great match all around. Even knowing how good the rest of the match was, Bryan and Kingston were so good it now is almost unacceptable if we don’t get a Bryan vs. Kingston (or Bryan & Rowan vs. New Day) feud that lasts through WrestleMania.
  2. ANOTHER great Elimination Chamber - Hey, the women killed it in the chamber, too! It took me a bit to warm to the IIconics, but they’re so tremendous as mid-card tag team heels and their interactions carried the early part of the match for me. Things picked up in intensity a lot through the match before delivering the exact right ending. Sasha Banks and Bayley’s win doesn’t really negate a year of bad storytelling, but it does give us a way to move forward.
  3. Becky Lynch went nuts - Becky Lynch sold “out of control” really well last night. Setting aside security being fine with her just going ahead and jumping the guardrail, it felt near perfect in execution. Lynch may have gone a little too hard with the crutch shots, but it made it feel all the more savage. If Charlotte has to be involved in the match, at least give me more segments like this.
  4. I think I liked a Shane McMahon match? - The Usos winning was surprising and there’s a direction they seem to be heading with McMiz that I’m actually interested in. Points for this one!
  5. A new IC champ - We’re to #5 on a best things on a WWE PPV list and it’s a perfectly fun match with the right winner. That should tell you how good last night’s show was. Finn Balor and Bobby Lashley aren’t the worst pairing I’ve seen for Lashley and the match clicked well with Lio Rush in the mix to change up the speed at times. I am hoping they aren’t actually splitting Lashley and Rush as Lio has been a big boost to Big Bob as a character.

What a show!

Man, it was so close to happening!

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