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WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 results: Kofi Kingston is a hero, but Daniel Bryan is still champion


Although WWE had a feel good story in Sasha Banks & Bayley winning the women’s tag team titles that could have closed tonight’s (Sun., Feb. 17, 2019) Elimination Chamber pay-per-view (PPV) from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, they went with the other Chamber match: Daniel Bryan attempting to defend his WWE championship against Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, Randy Orton, and Kofi Kingston.

He did just that.

But holy hell, it was quite a ride to get there.

The story of the past week had been Kingston replacing an injured Mustafa Ali, then going the distance in a Gauntlet match — lasting for over an hour — before giving maximum effort in this match as well. When he eliminated Orton to make it a 1-v-1 situation, the crowd absolutely lost it. This may have been as over as Kofi had ever been.

Then, shortly into the 1-v-1, he hit the SOS and my word did the arena want it to get the three count. Bryan kicked out, however, and maybe that hope was for nothing. A vicious Bryan assault in the corner seemed to confirm as much, but Kofi countered into the Boom Drop and yet again the crowd went insane hoping that would get the three count.

But it did not.

Not long after, Kingston went through a pod and when Bryan followed that with the running knee, it was surely over.

Then Kofi kicked out and they had us entirely in the palm of their hand. Any sort of logic and reasoning was out the window, and we couldn’t possibly know what to believe, a testament to the talent of those in the ring. They went back-and-forth with an SOS countered into a rollup that both kicked out of. Kingston then used the rope to break a LeBell Lock and it was an exhausting sigh of relief that followed.

My word, what a match.

They went up on top of a pod and battled, setting up a big dive from Kingston but Bryan moved at the last minute. That perfectly set up another running knee, and this time Kingston couldn’t recover.

The entire arena deflated at once.

Here was the order of entry:

  1. Daniel Bryan
  2. Samoa Joe
  3. Kofi Kingston
  4. AJ Styles
  5. Jeff Hardy
  6. Randy Orton

And the order of elimination (and who eliminated them):

  1. Samoa Joe (Styles)
  2. Jeff Hardy (Bryan)
  3. AJ Styles (Orton)
  4. Randy Orton (Kingston)
  5. Kofi Kingston (Bryan)

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