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WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 results: Lynch’s WrestleMania story completely overshadows Rousey’s win over Riott

Coming into her Raw Women’s title shot at Elimination Chamber, it was a common complaint from Ruby Riott and her supporters that she was being overlooked. It didn’t help when Charlotte Flair came out and cut a promo about Becky Lynch and WrestleMania before the match.

It definitely didn’t help when Rousey (in her new Sonya Blade-inspired gear) made short work of her, securing a tap out win after only a couple minutes action.

Riott quickly disappeared as Flair entered the ring for a staredown with Rousey. And Ronda stood by as Lynch hobbled her way into the ring (in some Grant Morrison-era X-Men duds). Selling the injury she supposedly suffered/re-aggravated last night at a house show, The Man struck. First blistering Charlotte with crutch shots, then feigning as if she’d allow Ronda to do the same before lighting into Rowdy with a crutch!

Security eventually led the suspended SmackDown star off (without crutches), and Ronda is probably headed to the trainer’s room for some stitches from the cut Lynch opened with one of her crutch shots.

And the ballad of the one-legged Man’s journey to WrestleMania goes on.

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