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WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 results: The Usos reclaim the SmackDown Tag titles

Following not only a history-making open but also the public announcement that Miz & Maryse’s second child is on the way, the Usos looked fired up and ready to become six-time tag champs in Houston on Feb. 17.

Emotions may have gotten the better of the A-Lister at the start of his SmackDown Tag title defense, and his partner Shane McMahon pulled him aside and helped him regroup. Their alliance gave them the advantage for a short-time after that. But the twins showed how well they work together when they isolated Miz and set to inflicting punishment on Monroe Sky’s old man.

Jimmy took a little too much time taunting and trying to get Shane O’Mac off his game, though. That allowed Miz to counter a charge, and both men made a tag. A key moment followed where McMahon tried to hit both brothers with his Coast 2 Coast. He connected on the non-legal man, but flew right into a superkick from Jey. Miz barely made the save.

Once he finally got the tag, Miz came in hot. A swinging DDT couldn’t seal the win, so Miz went outside and started clearing an announce table. Miscommunication from the Usos gave him an opportunity to finish what he started, and then McMahon made the Leap of Faith, flattening Jey.

Jimmy took advantage of the moment, however. He went for the splash, but Miz got his knees up and quickly transitioned to his finisher. Skull-Crushing Finale connected, but Uce rolled through for a three count.

The twins escaped with the belts, leaving the Best Tag Team in the World in shock. Miz went to apologize and help his best friend to the back. Eagle-eyed fans waited for the turn from one of the two rumored WrestleMania opponents, but it didn’t come, at least not tonight.

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