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WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 results: Murphy’s Law remains in effect

Drake Maverick secured the prestigious pre-show spot for his 205 Live brand on WWE’s latest pay-per-view (PPV) extravaganza on Feb. 17, 2019 in Houston.

What? I’m just trying to sell it like DM the GM would.

Snark aside, Cruiserweight champion Buddy Murphy & Akira Tozawa set out to fire up the Toyota Center crowd as they found their seats at Elimination Chamber. And they did it with impressive spots like the Juggernaut catching Tozawa on the fly, countering a suicide dive into a vertical suplex.

WWE did the picture-in-picture gimmick while Murphy attempted to wear down his Japanese challenger, so we got to see Big E & Xavier Woods hype Kofi Kingston’s chances in the WWE title match instead of rest holds. Shortly after they got the full screen back, Tozawa fought back with kicks, and got a nearfall after following a suplex of his own with a shining wizard.

Akira climbed for his finisher, but before he could launch a senton, the Aussie champ caught up to him. At the end of a series of reversals, Buddy got the smaller men set-up for a super-powerbomb, but Tozawa countered in mid-air!

Keeping the pedal down, Tozawa ended a stretch that included two successful dives with a modified version of his top rope senton onto Murphy as he was draped over the middle rope.

The champ fired back with a high knee out of nowhere, but Tozawa wasn’t done, reversing the set-up for Buddy’s finisher into an Iron Octopus. Rather than tap, the Juggernaut powered up and turned the move into Murphy’s Law.

Crowd energized, Murphy marches on toward becoming the longest reigning Cruiserweight champ of the modern era... mission accomplished.

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