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Lana has some ideas about Ronda Rousey being overrated & low TV ratings

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While the build for Ronda Rousey defending her Raw women's championship versus Ruby Riott this Sunday hasn’t been all there, Lana is trying her best to add some fuel to the fire.

What does Lana have to do with Rousey’s title match at Elimination Chamber? Your guess is as good as ours.

Lana is here to debate WWE narrative when it comes to the women’s evolution and discuss Raw’s declining TV ratings too.

Lana added:

Maybe this has something to do with Lana being replaced on season nine of Total Divas? Rumors also have Ronda Rousey joining the cast next season, while Lana and Rusev were not brought back.

Should we chalk this up to Lana just being outspoken or is their something more to the Ravishing Russian’s latest rant?