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Cup of coffee in the big time: Would a tag title win redeem Sasha Banks and Bayley?

After months — years? — of demand, WWE will finally crown women’s tag team champions this Sunday at Elimination Chamber.

Tag teams and WWE are often more of a miss than a hit with plenty of great tag matches happening over the past few years, but still little focus or care given to the tag division as a whole. But the women’s tag belts are a shiny new toy and may get some real focus for the short term.

It seems the logical choice to put the belts on Sasha Banks and Bayley, the biggest “stars” in the match and the duo with the biggest story to tell.

Would a big redemptive moment land for the Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection or have fans checked out on a duo who once seemed locks to remain in the highest end of the women’s division?

Banks is as important as anyone in the “women’s evolution/revolution” and her role in groundbreaking matches helped prove women were able to able to headline (and steal) the show.

And Bayley is one of the ultimate faces on the WWE roster. Her chase for the gold in NXT was simple, beautiful wrestling storytelling at its best.

But WWE threw the title on Bayley too quickly, killing her underdog vibe and eventually strapped the two former rivals together as friends, teammates, briefly enemies, wait, no, friends ... are they feuding? Oh, no, they’re a team again.

The confusion over where the two stood was already cooling them off when Bayley seemingly turned by thrashing Banks. It was a shocking and fantastic moment that led to ... corny “therapy sessions” that represent the absolute worst of WWE’s writing.

Now, standing on the edge of possibly becoming the WWE women’s tag champs, will it fix the harm that’s been done to these two over the course of the last year?

The moment will feel good and the pop will be great, but what comes next?

Redemption takes more than a moment.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Find yourself some romance.

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