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The great pro wrestling air guitar debate is upon us

For years, wrestling fans could enjoy the air guitar stylings of their favorite rockin’ wrestler in a vacuum. Like one, like them all. Cheer because it’s awesome, or laugh cause they do it ironically. It was entirely up to you.

Then, the divisive (at least in the Cageside Seats offices, where staff either loved or hated the bro-tastic rocker Drew Gulak accurately slammed as “Ben Stiller from Dodgeball”) Eric Bugenhagen strutted his way onto the Feb. 6 NXT, and nothing would ever be the same again.

As since they started it by booking the metalhead beefcake, WWE piled on:

Kyle, glorious d-bag that he is, rejected the whole premise:

“I don’t play AIR I only play GOLD. When the UE gets the gold back perhaps I’ll serenade you all once again while my title gently weeps. But perhaps NOT given this blatant disrespect! And for the record, I tear the house down every night ‘air/title instrument’ or not.”

And numerous NXT stars past & present weighed in, often by nominating themselves:

Or by (we think) sticking to their anti-sports entertainment gimmick:

Meanwhile, fans chimed in with their own nominees.

Like LA Parka:


And lots, and lots of Ace...

Hiroshi Tanahashi even voted for himself!

Which pretty much only someone as cool as Tana would be able to get away with.

There’s probably no wrong answer. Except KOR, apparently, since he doesn’t play air guitar. Which I guess also rules out Hollywood and the skeleton luchador, who both use props. Ace, of course, is hardcore - he plays both IWGP belts and the air itself.

Anyway, let us know who you’ve got below. GIFs are optional.

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