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WWE Raw viewers down again

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Average hourly viewership for Monday Night Raw was down by about 50K from last week, as a show built around whether or not Becky Lynch would apologize to Triple H & Stephanie McMahon attracted 2.46 million on Feb. 11.

Perhaps more troubling (but honestly, who even knows aside from WWE, Fox and NBCUniversal execs at this point), the drop from the first to third hour was steeper. The Feb. 4 show lost ~330K viewers from 8pm to 10pm Eastern; last night shedded ~440K.

The hours in between the opening angle and the closing segment weren’t great, but especially seeing as the first was up slightly from last week, critics of the Lynch angle or WWE’s emphasis on their women’s division are probably going to point to this hourly breakdown:

Hour one: 2.69 million
Hour two: 2.45 million
Hour three: 2.25 million

Of course, as mentioned above, none of us really knows what’s being said about these numbers in the rooms where those conversations matter, so don’t get too worked up about them, okay?

Get complete results and the live blog from Raw this week here, a recap of & reactions to all the night’s events here, and a playlist with all the video highlights from the show here.

Source: Showbuzz Daily