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WWE reportedly not doing that Jax/Ambrose intergender match after all

For several reasons - among them that it was only announced via a fan-shared clip, because Dean Ambrose is leaving the company and since WWE promoting a straight-up intergender match for a house show in Arkansas seemed really weird - most folks were a little skeptical of the story which went around yesterday about Ambrose facing Nia Jax in Jonesboro on Fri. Feb. 22.

Turns out that skepticism was deserved, as both Wrestling Observer and Post Wrestling have spoken to WWE and learned the match isn’t happening. The latter’s source told John Pollock the ad which circulated Friday night and Saturday morning on Twitter was “outdated”.

Why the cold feet? Could a feud with Jax which included non-televised shows have been part of the plan for Dean back when WWE thought they could convince him to re-sign and his leaving changed the plan? Did anti-intergender sponsors & fans reach out, leading to WWE backtracking?

We may never know. Or we might have to wait a few days for the rumors to start flowing. But it looks like this isn’t happening, so cancel your parties or protests.