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Where’s SAnitY?

Days ago, after Shane McMahon & The Miz won the SmackDown tag team titles from The Bar at Royal Rumble, Alexander Wolfe of SAnitY took to Twitter with the following:

Days later on SmackDown Live, WWE found new number one contenders to those titles by way of a 4-Way elimination match that featured The Bar, The New Day, Heavy Machinery, and the eventual winners, The Usos.

You’ll notice who is missing there.

Where indeed.

One of the downfalls of WWE signing up so much talent is that there are only so many hours of television to devote to that talent. That means teams like SAnitY are often left without any sort of creative direction for extended periods of time.

Hey, even Bray Wyatt can’t manage to find his way back to TV.

It will happen, it’s just a question of if it will be sooner rather than later. For the sake of those within the group, let’s hope it’s sooner.