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Oney Lorcan announces he’s re-signed with WWE


Word was, Oney Lorcan requested his release from WWE back in October. He changed his Twitter handle to his old indie name, and pretty much disappeared from television and the Network, lending credence to the report.

After that, we got some mixed signals, as he worked a WWE-affiliated and promoted date with Progress in London, but also sub-tweeted his boss for his comments about talent publicly asking to be let out of their contracts.

Now, this...

Lorcan’s Twitter account is always an adventure, so this could be a joke/work/troll. But he’s deleted the tweet which was critical of Triple H’s comments, and changed his handle back to his WWE-owned name. So we’re guessing Oney is sticking around.

As long as he’s tweeting in ALL CAPS and throwing European uppercuts somewhere, I’m happy.


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