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Mike Kanellis denies rumors he asked for WWE release due to storylines

Mike Kanellis may be having the calmest separation from WWE ever.

Back in October Kanellis asked for his release from WWE. The husband of current WWE star Maria Kanellis has recently taken to the podcast circuit to explain his thought process.

Last week, Kanellis pointed to overall inactivity in the ring as the primary reason why he wanted to be released from WWE. Appearing on the Swings & Mrs. show with Jennifer Sterger and Cody Decker, Kanellis was asked if the “Who is the real father?” storyline involving his wife and her pregnancy played a role in his decision.

“My only issue was it didn’t go anywhere. And if I’m going to do a story-line like that, I’d like for it to go somewhere. I think all the fans would like that too. There should be a payoff. There should be something happens where you can say ‘yeah’ or ‘boo’. Because there wasn’t a payoff, it’s like, what was the point? I don’t mind thinking outside the box. I don’t mind embarrassing myself, I mean, I wrestle in underwear for a living. I really don’t care. So If they’re like ‘you have to be emasculated by my wife’ I’m like, fine, I don’t care. I really don’t. It’s just a fake story-line. It’s wrestling. I get offended when it doesn’t go anywhere.”

Kanellis would also add that the angle itself never bothered him. He would then compare it to an actor having to play a bad guy on Law & Order.

It’s hard to argue with Kanellis on his last angle with WWE and his wife.

With parties ready for a split, will WWE finally go ahead and release Mike Kanellis from his contract?

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