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Dana Brooke spills the tea about Dave Bautista

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WWE’s The Bump on Twitter

Do I have anything insightful to say about what Dana Brooke told WWE’s The Bump about her budding romance with Dave Bautista? Or did I really just want to use the above picture because of this long-running internet joke?

What do you think?

SWERVE! It was so I could post this video from WWE on Fox!

Just kidding. Great as that video is, it was totally the “How big is Batista’s dick?” thing.

Anyway... here’s what Dana dished about her public flirting with The Animal to The Bump crew.

How it all started:

“It all started on Ride Along. I kept getting denied. I don’t know if you guys saw that Ride Along episode. It was like, me and Mojo were like driving the car. I kept getting denied by like every single guy. I would try — I asked them to dinner. Then I asked them — I just kept asking questions if they needed help, and it was denied, denied, denied. Going back to the fan support and the fan love, they kind of like saw this tweet from Dave, and then they saw that episode of Ride Along and put two and two together and here we go. They’re little matchmakers.”

On how everything is out in the open:

“This is all backwards, though, right? You try to keep your relationships on the DL and down low and hush-hush for a minute. This is completely opposite. Everything is out there in the open, and I’m like, ‘Oh my god. What’s going on!?’ This is crazy to me! Everybody knows everything!”

Would she be open to WWE following their date and filming it?

“I would love that. This is really where it’s at because our lifestyles — I really want to say something that — Dave and I, we understand each other’s schedules. We understand each other’s lifestyles, you know. I love to support someone that is driven to their job and is passionate about what they do, and as you know, as he is too. We can relate on so many different levels as far as training and fitness. He also knows about the business and WWE. And I love his movies. I watched Stuber on the airplane on my way to Europe. It’s crazy, maybe you’ll see me at his next movie premiere, you never know.”

Dana definitively said that there is a date set for her and Big Dave to go on a date, so... no jokes, just hope these two crazy kids have fun.