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CM Punk reacts to John Morrison’s WWE return with a shot at Seth Rollins

CM Punk was hired by Fox Sports to offer his unfiltered takes on the WWE product.

Even though he hasn’t been on WWE Backstage for a couple weeks - it’s confirmed he’ll be back on FS1 next week (Dec. 10) - Punk’s been doing just that on social media.

First it was a callback to his legal issues with WWE’s Senior Ringside Physician, Dr. Chris Amann. Now, he’s joking around with his old ECW rival* John Morrison about the former Johnny Nitro’s return to The ‘E.

The joke just happens to throw a little shade on Punk’s verbal sparring partner Seth Rollins:

Ospreay, you may recall, responded to Seth’s claim he was the best wrestler in the world, leading to a brief Twitter spat that really kicked off Rollins’ public perception problem.

As of this writing, there’s been no response from the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion** or The Man’s man (but I heard he’s moved on anyway). But Morrison thought it was hilarious:

Probably not the end.

* Their mid-aughts feud was a lot of fun, if you’re looking for something to watch via that thing you pay $9.99 a month (or occasionally create new email addresses) for.

** UPDATE: Will did react, but I missed it since it wasn’t a direct response. He’s grateful, and was ready with a smart tie-in promotion! Thanks to Cagesider-with-a-dope-handle The Hamburger Pimp for pointing it out!

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