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Roman Reigns wrestled in just one title match in 2019

I wouldn’t even think such a thing possible, but WWE Stats & Info delivers the word that it is indeed true:

It’s been a strange year for Reigns, what with his missing the first couple months of it while battling leukemia, the weird Shield reunion leading to Dean Ambrose’s departure from the company, a mostly nothing feud with Drew McIntyre (his WrestleMania opponent), and two tremendously silly programs with Daniel Bryan/ Erick Rowan and Baron Corbin, the former of which saw him investigating his own attempted murder and the latter of which saw him drenched in dog food.

It’s definitely been a weird year.

He was supposed to be the face of SmackDown after it moved to FOX but that hasn’t really been the case, as Bray Wyatt has become an actually compelling character once more. It’s a new year, though, and the Royal Rumble is just around the corner.

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