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Every episode of Raw in 2019, graded

Viewership for Monday Night Raw has been in steady decline for a couple years now, in part because WWE has failed to make new stars but also because, well, it’s just not a very interesting show.

Was that reflected in the grades our very own Alex Briggs gave each episode over the past year?

Let’s find out!

Jan. 7 (Lackluster): D+
Jan. 14 (Just need a shot): B+
Jan. 21 (Boss): C
Jan. 28 (Main event): B-
Feb. 4 (Insecurities): C-
Feb. 11 (Woo?): D-
Feb. 18 (Raw is NXT): D
Feb. 25 (Hey, Hunter): A+
Mar. 4 (Reunion tour): C+
Mar. 11 (Farewell): B-
Mar. 18 (This is fine): C-
Mar. 25 (You’re welcome): C
April 1 (Brawl for all): C+
April 8 (Here we go again): C+
April 15 (See ya in hell): B+
April 22 (Firefly Fun House): C+
April 29 (Becky Brawler): D
May 6 (Vince has lost it): C+
May 13 (Manipulation): C+
May 20 (24/7 chaos): B-
May 27 (Fine print): D+
June 3 (Cash out): C-
June 10 (Impartial): C
June 17 (A sincere effort): A-
June 24 (AJ vs. Ricochet): B
July 1 (Impregnate me): B+
July 8 (Masked man): C+
July 15 (Beastslayer sequel): B-
July 22 (Reunion): C-
July 29 (A massive improvement): A
Aug. 5 (Goldberg returns): C
Aug. 12 (The Boss, not The Man): B-
Aug. 19 (Eyes on the prize): A
Aug. 26 (Partners in crime): C+
Sept. 2 (Shadows): B
Sept. 9 (Rattlesnakes): B+
Sept. 16 (Forgiveness): C-
Sept. 23 (Rey’s day): B-
Sept. 30 (Raw is cuckoldry): D
Oct. 7 (Nothing matters): D
Oct. 14 (Establishing the new): C
Oct. 21 (Regaining composure): C-
Oct. 28 (Roller coaster): C
Nov. 4 (With us or against us): D+
Nov. 11 (Machka babies): C
Nov. 18 (Why fight): C+
Nov. 25 (Leaderless): B
Dec. 2 (Insincerity): C-
Dec. 9 (Burned): B-
Dec. 16 (Leadership): C
Dec. 23 (Just watch next week): C
Dec. 30 (All about me): C

Whereas SmackDown saw just one episode graded below a C-, Raw had six. Then again, there were 4 A’s given out, including an A+ during the build to WrestleMania. It was still a mostly average show but there were some real peaks and valleys.

See you next year!

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