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What was Charlotte’s advice for Andrade after he won the U.S. championship?

Andrade is a third generation luchador. He won numerous titles in CMLL, and was once the IWGP Intercontinental champ for New Japan. There’s probably not a lot you can tell the man about pro wrestling.

But he’s in love with Charlotte Flair, and there’s a lot of first and second-hand knowledge in that woman’s head. So after winning his first title since being moved to Raw in April 2018, when The Queen offered some advice, El Ídolo listened.

As Andrade said in an interview with The New York Post:

“When I won the title at Madison Square Garden, she told me [I needed] something different to enter with the title. You hold the title to a different side or in the middle so people can remember this and have familiarity with the title. You now are the champion.”

It’s a small sample size, but the way he was holding the belt when he walked down the ramp last night was different from the way he carried the NXT strap over his shoulder a couple years ago.

Andrade also told The Post that he’s helped Charlotte with her in-ring work, while she’s been helping him develop his character.

Sounds like a good deal to us.

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