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Lana & Lashley’s wedding was even crazier than we thought it would be

No best man. No maid of honor. Absolutely nobody attending the wedding. No problem.

You knew it was going to be a great wedding when Bobby Lashley walked out to his entrance music. This week’s main event of Monday Night Raw was the wedding of Lana and Lashley.


To think all this began with a really long makeout session on the top of the entrance ramp back in September. Three months filled with bad story telling, horrible creative decisions, and mostly cringe-worthy TV, of course led to an underwhelming pro wrestling wedding.

This story started out dumb and only got dumber. It had to be this way.

Wait, it can get worse?

Oh, it’s that guy. The guy from the thing. So apparently Lana was married before when she was 18. But wait, there’s more.

No pop. No reaction whatsoever from the live crowd towards Lashley’s first wife.

Well thankfully there was no way for WWE to drag this 25 minute segment down any further, right? Right?

Why? Just as those Liv Morgan vignettes were taking an interesting turn, WWE’s end game was this?

At least Rusev showed up wearing a bowtie.

So tonight (Dec. 30) was not a complete loss.

Before anyone could say ‘I do’, both Lana and Bobby Lashley were decimated by Liv Morgan and Rusev, respectively.

A very bad wedding, but on the other hand a very happy Rusev Day.

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