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Randy Orton fakes a knee injury just so he can RKO AJ Styles

Randy Orton teased retirement and brought up Edge’s career ending injury for that?

Considering The Viper has the superpower to pretty much RKO anyone he wants, any time he wants, this was a weird long-play by him. On Sunday night rumors swirled that Orton was injured at a WWE house show in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Video of Orton limping in the ring didn’t confirm if the injury was real or possibly going to be used for a storyline. When WWE and Orton began to comment on the possible injury, the lines became even more blurred.

For all those worried about Orton suffering a long-term knee or leg injury, don’t ever trust a Viper.

Conclusion? Randy Orton is getting bored with RKO-ing people out of nowhere and has now moved his addiction to surprise into the role playing realm.

LOL AJ Styles and do what you got to do Randall.

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