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CM Punk will be back to say ‘dumb ****’ on WWE Backstage in three weeks

The show’s ratings seem to show that WWE Backstage doesn’t necessarily need him, but we’re still obsessed with when CM Punk will be on the FS1 studio show.

This morning, PWInsider reported that Punk would not be on the Dec. 31 episode. That report quickly made the rounds, earning this snarky response from The Straight Edge One himself:

At least he gave us some new info, so don’t have to do this dance on Jan. 7 or 14. He’ll be back with Renee Young & Booker T in three weeks at 11 p.m. Eastern.

We will definitely have coverage all the dumb shit he says for you, right here at Cageside Seats dot com.

They don’t call us “Your home for dumb shit on the interwebs” for nothing.

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