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R-Truth is the most decorated wrestler in WWE history

We expect he’ll pad his total in... oh, say, 24 hours.

WWE 24/7 title changes were a thing that happened a lot while Raw was on its annual holiday tour the past four days (Thurs., Dec. 26 - Sun., Dec. 29).

The end result was always the same, though. When the show ended, R-Truth left the venue with his beloved 48/7 European TV championship.

Mostly, he’s been feuding with The Singhs over the belt. Samir and/or Sunil won it and dropped it back to Truth in Madison Square Garden, in Pittsburgh (where Mike Rome also got involved), in Baltimore, and on Sunday in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Last night’s win made the artist sometimes known as Ron Killings a 29 time 24/7 champion. Add that to two Hardcore title reigns, a couple runs with the United States championship, and a stint with Kofi Kingston as tag titleholders, and Truth has been recognized by WWE as a champ on 34 times.

By Uproxx’s calculations (which are likely based on this old article), that means he just passed Raven as the most decorated wrestler in the company’s history.

Not even Truth’s childhood hero John Cena will break that record.

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