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SmackDown house show advertising (checks notes) a ‘Loser Eats Dog Food’ match

We’ve seen King Corbin and his lackey Dolph Ziggler pour dog food all over Roman Reigns (because his nickname is The Big Dog, get it?!?!? Just so you wouldn’t miss the “joke”, the hilarious duo also brought out a dog mascot to ridicule Reigns in the weeks leading up to the Alpo-ing).

Now, if you buy a ticket to the Jan. 4 SmackDown house show in Cape Gireardeau, Missouri, you’ll get to see the next step in this feud/comedy routine:

Yes, the loser of this match - and probably several others, since WWE tends to run the same things at live events for a few weeks - will be made to eat dog food by the winner.

Wrestling can be dumb, and this feud definitely hasn’t been afraid to plumb the depths of that.

At least you know what you’re getting if you buy a ticket.

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