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Shawn Michaels says loyalty is a big part of NXT’s success

Still strange to hear DX or The Kliq being framed as company men, but you get what Shawn Michaels was trying to say here.

Michaels along with his original Degeneration X running mate Triple H were guests on this week’s episode of the After The Bell podcast. You already heard what Triple had to say about indie wrestling versus NXT, but Michaels had an interesting quote of his own.

When talking about the current rise of NXT, the Heartbreak Kid compared the work ethic of The Kliq to that of the black and gold brand’s roster. Michaels added that loyalty plays a huge role in NXT’s recent run of success.

“We’d have ran through a brick wall on fire for Vince McMahon and the WWE. We wanted to make this place the absolute best and I feel like everybody here in NXT is the same way. There is a loyalty to this brand. There’s a loyalty to all the men and women that coach here. The entire Performance Center as a whole, everybody pulls together, and that is very hard to find especially in this line of work.”

HBK continued

“That’s goes back to the culture here. Of course sort of the infectious attitude that everyone has. Once they come here and you get exposed to it, it’s hard not to want pull the rope in the same direction as everyone else.”

There is always something to be said for liking where you work as well as being surrounded by a great team. Maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise that NXT has not missed a beat moving from a taped WWE Network show to a weekly live cable production on USA in 2019.

2019 was a huge year for NXT. What are your expectations for how big NXT can get in 2020?

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