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Mandy Rose & Otis romance angle is some of WWE’s best long-term booking

The evidence overwhelmingly supports that somebody in WWE creative is really into the Mandy Rose and Otis story line.

As far as long term booking is concerned, has more attention to detail been paid to Otis and Rose than almost any other current main roster angle?

Last week on SmackDown, heavy time was paid to both to Rose and Otis. The seed for a Otis and Rose romance was planted months ago. Now for whatever reason, WWE may be picking up and running with the idea.

Nothing says love like a Christmas ham with a bow placed on the top of it.

That Otis face though.

The two crazy love birds would then take to social media to express even more feelings.

Um, lots of feelings.

Peach, ham, love really is in the air during the holidays.

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