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There is no good payoff for this

One of my favorite stories on Monday Night Raw right now involves Erick Rowan and his little cage. He’s been working a series of squash matches featuring local athletes who are finding increasingly interesting ways to try to see what’s inside it. They always fail, of course, because he’s a big ol’ monster who is very, very protective of whatever is in the cage.

It’s actually been a fun time!

The latest:

I am sincerely hoping the next local athlete shows up with a fat wad of cash and offers to simply pay Rowan to get a peek under the cloth.

Having said all that, there’s one problem with this whole story.

There is no good payoff for it.

There is nothing in the world, alive or otherwise, that could justify this kind of build, outside of maybe an epic swerve. Imagine if he’s keeping all his WWE checks in that cage because he’s scared to use banks. Even then, that’s probably only amusing to me and I don’t know where the story would go after a reveal like that.

Then again, I don’t know where it could go with whatever they’re planning now. I’m enjoying the ride anyway, it just sucks knowing it will end not with a bang but a whimper.

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