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The best WWE ‘Happy Holidays’ video yet

It’s like Story Time meets Southpaw!

We’ve had sports entertainment-themed carols and bad lip reading, a South Park pastiche and some kind of Honey, I Shrunk The Kids/Toy Story riff.

But in 2019, WWE skips the singing and children’s book stylings for their annual Happy Holidays video and sticks with what they know. Rasslin’.

It appears to have been animated by the team that does their WWE Story Time series, and features wrestlers voicing holiday-themed versions of themselves as they build to a Snow Brawl PPV.

Can your boys The Snow Day become eight-time champs? Will Gingerbread House Party catch up with Star Truth and take his 12 Days of Christmas European TV championship? How does Bro Storm manage to kick off his snow shoes like that? Why doesn’t Triple H stand for “Ho! Ho! Ho!”? Did Santa just steal Roman Reigns’ catchphrase?

Happy holidays!

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