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Samoa Joe becomes the next target for Seth Rollins & AOP

Samoa Joe as a badass, WWE babyface? Yes, please.

This week’s episode of Raw featured Rey Mysterio putting his United States title on the line versus Seth Rollins. The match itself was pretty good but quickly turned into a disqualification before either man could turn it up another level.

After AOP interfered on behalf of Rollins the match was called off and the two big man proceeded to drag Mysterio’s lifeless body up to the top of the entrance ramp. Once there, the pair stopped at the Raw announce desk, where Jerry Lawler and Vic Joseph sprinted away faster than kids run down the stairs on Christmas morning.

That left Samoa Joe to man the desk all by himself. And Joe was not moving.

Rollins tried to keep the peace between Joe and AOP. Due to the fact that Rollins is now a slimy heel, this act of mediation was just a setup for AOP to jump Joe with a sneak attack.

When the Raw live crowd started to chant “Joe”? There’s something there for the WWE to tap into. Maybe being behind the mic, and being damn good at it, has granted Samoa Joe with even more credibility with WWE fans.

Jump aboard the ‘turn Samoa Joe into a badass, take nothing from no one babyface’ bandwagon before it’s too late.

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