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Stone Cold opens a can of whoop ass with Bad Bunny

Ric Flair’s got the whole ‘hip hop wrestling icon’ thing locked down, so why can’t Steve Austin be urbano’s favorite legend?

Bad Bunny’s YouTube channel

There’s not much that can surprise pro wrestling fans these days. But Steve Austin playing a major role in “¿Quién Tú Eres?”, the latest video from Puerto Rican singer/rapper Bad Bunny’s critically-acclaimed, chart-topping X 100PRE album? Wasn’t expecting that.

Stone Cold fits right in, though. The video starts with Bunny and his sidekick Chucheto meeting at a biker bar, which doesn’t sit right with the regulars. One of the bikers demands to know “who are you?” - the title of the song - before the owner tells them to take it outside.

That involves driving to a remote location as Bunny & Chuceto sing & rap from inside and on top of a tractor-trailer. At the fight spot, things start out well for our heroes, but they’re outnumbered. That’s when they reveal their secret weapon - the WWE Hall of Famer. Austin’s been in the trailer all along, and after declaring “nobody messes with my Bunny”, asses are whooped and mud holes are stomped.

It’s perfect Stone Cold booking, too. Stick around to the very end to see what I mean...

Checheto probably shouldn’t have used The Rock’s WrestleMania 32 flamethrower gimmick. That might be what set Austin off.

Ah, who am I kidding.

Bunny just got what everyone gets after throwing back a few Steve-weisers with The Rattlesnake.

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