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The Secret Origin of The New Day

Xavier Woods original P.L.A.N., and how he was just working when he told people it wasn’t supposed to be “The New Nation”!

Where Big E’s “preacher voice” came from, and why he was concerned about using it!

Pitching Kofi Kingston, and how he reacted to the idea of teaming up with a couple of struggling youngsters!

It’s all here in this clip from the first episode their new WWE podcast, The New Day: Feel The Power!

Some backstory on why Woods was reluctant to approach Kofi... earlier in the pod he tells the story of always trying to differentiate himself from Kingston, since throughout his WWE career he’d been told “We have a high energy black guy. You need to be something completely different.”

Kof also had a funny insight about the initial feedback they received on their entrance:

The debut episode, “You Guys Are Gonna Be Preachers!”, is an entertaining listen. It doesn’t elevate beyond “friends who enjoy each other and are good storytellers hanging out and telling stories”, but if you enjoy The New Day or UpUpDownDown, you’ll enjoy the pod.

We’re keeping the faith it will evolve into something a little more. Probably when E does something weird and/or sexual.

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