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New contract hints at Edge returning to the ring in 2020

You think you know him.

A big part of WrestleMania season is surprises. At 46 years of age and eight years removed from his last match, Edge returning to a WWE ring would be a huge (mind blowing) surprise heading into WrestleMania 36.

Per PW Insider, Edge just signed a new deal with WWE. Does Edge’s new contract come with a provision allowing for in-ring action?

“We’ve heard that Edge signed a new deal with WWE that has a pretty nice upside. We also reported a few months ago he was in Pittsburgh for WWE business and that’s where WWE Wellness Policy head Dr. Joseph Maroon is headquartered. My gut feeling is we’ll see Edge in the Royal Rumble as a surprise (as that seems like the perfect place to make a big splash with a return for Wrestlemania season) and possibly even see him do a few matches on major events.”

Mike Johnson goes on to state that Edge continues to publicly deny any thoughts of a return to WWE as an active competitor.

Has it already been over eight years since Edge retired after WrestleMania XXVII?

Besides co-hosting The Edge and Christian Show That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness on the WWE Network, the Rated-R Superstar has made a few other sporadic appearances with the company in recent years.

At SmackDown 1000, Edge was on the wrong end of Becky Lynch verbally trucking. More recently, at SummerSlam Edge crushed Elias with a damn good looking spear.

With a new deal in hand, what are the odds that Edge returns to a WWE ring?

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