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WWE timed Rhea Ripley’s run to the NXT Women’s title perfectly

WWE got this one right.

Look, WWE Creative is often a very easy and big target for the scorn of pro wrestling fans. This isn’t about lack of character development, massive plot holes, or just flat out ignoring large portions of your roster, WWE did everything right with Rhea Ripley’s run to the NXT Women’s title.

No complaints here.

Ripley slowly, then very quickly started to gain massive amounts of momentum and goodwill with fans. So what did NXT do? They struck while the iron was hot.

WWE should be applauded for crowning Ripley NXT Women’s champion and having her beat Shayna Baszler on Wednesday night.

All signs pointed to Rhea Ripley being one of the most over wrestlers on any brand, and instead of ignoring it, WWE flipped all the right switches.

Still only 23-years-old, The Nightmare just looks like a massive star.

Good for Rhea Ripley and good on WWE for their excellent timing.

Now comes the tricky part. Ripley is on top of the mountain, so what does WWE do with her next?

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