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Mustafa Ali is a good guy, and wrestling is better for it

KofiMania wasn’t planned.

It was great, but only happened thanks to an injury to the guy who was in the midst of push heading into Elimination Chamber (and allegedly some prodding from Daniel Bryan, but that’s a different story). And that guy, despite remaining talented & over, and getting the kind of mainstream attention WWE loves, hasn’t had a sustained push since,

It all got Mustafa Ali in a reflective mood as the year draws to a close. True to form, rather than dwell in the dark, Ali shined a light on his 2019.

Also true to form, Twitter proved there’s always one person out there who will $#!+ on anything, no matter how positive or really none-of-their-freaking-business it is. It brought out a touch of sarcasm from Ali, but it’s still much classier than what most of us probably would have responded with:

We’ve got Baron Corbin, MJF, and Lana playing “real heels” for Gerry. We’ve only got one Mustafa Ali.

And we’re all better for it.

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