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WWE Raw viewership was bad this week

There used to be a time when a pay-per-view event airing on Sunday night would ensure that Raw would see an increase in viewers on Monday. That’s no longer the case. It hasn’t been for a while, really, but this week’s episode drew especially low viewership.

Indeed, Raw drew just 2.05 million viewers. As the Wrestling Observer points out, that’s a new record low for a non-holiday show.

The hourly breakdown shows fans just weren’t interested right from the start.

Hour one: 2.20 million
Hour two: 2.10 million
Hour three: 1.86 million

The Observer also correctly points out this:

What was rare is that in 18-49, besides NFL related shows that always beat Raw, it also lost to three episodes of Love & Hop Hop as well as Below Deck on Bravo in the 18-49 demo.

That’s troubling!

The good news is Royal Rumble is just around the corner, which means WrestleMania season and no more competition from football. That said, it’s clear WWE simply isn’t offering a show people want to watch right now.

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